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All You Need To Know About Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are the best way to find a person's abilities, skills, and talent. To recruit a new member for your company aptitude tests are very helpful. These tests are usually designed to evaluate a candidate's knowledge, abilities, skills, communication, etc. Types Of Aptitude Tests To measure a person's skills or abilities, different types of aptitude tests are used. Here are some types of aptitude tests: Numeric Tests Verbal Reasoning Tests Inductive Reasoning Deductive Reasoning Role oriented reasoning Personality tests Logical reasoning STEM aptitude Linguistic Aptitude Artistic aptitude Physical aptitude Through these different types of tests, one can analyze a person's skills and abilities, whether he/she is capable or not! How do Aptitude Tests help In recruitment? Most of the jobs require specific skills for specific posts. For example, If you want to hire an HR executive, you need to check his/her communication skills. If you are searching for a data anal

Online Exam Software - Every University Needs

Nowadays, education is not all about conducting in between four walls. It has become advanced as almost all the institutions are conducting different exams or lectures online. The education system is diverting and adapting the online examination system to conduct different courses and exams. As time changes, every education system is shifting to the latest technology to further education processes like admission, fee payment, courses/lectures, exams, etc., online to track smoothly.  Online examination system makes all the education process very easy, and it reduces human efforts. In this blog, I will cover all aspects of online exam software and how this software has become every educational institute's needs. What is an online exam? An online exam is an examination to conduct assessments, in which all the candidates are evaluated on fully automated online exam software. This online exam software is easy to use for both administrators to take exams and candidates who give the exa

Online Proctoring is the Latest Trends In Education

In the current situation of COVID, Education is undergoing a considerable transformation with emerging technologies as all the educational institutes are considering how they can conduct or schedule examinations safely and securely. Online proctoring is the complete new system and the latest trends in education. But many students and teachers are unaware of this online proctoring system. In recent times many institutions have tried online proctoring systems to conduct different types of exams.  Online examination systems have become an integral component of all educational institutes. Online proctoring systems are the face of the E-learning process. E-learning is a never-ending process. It consists of on-board training and development. What is Proctoring? Proctoring is the process of monitoring students or candidates during online classes and examinations. It allows you to keep an eye on candidates during the exams or live courses.  Why Choose Online Proctoring? The main reason behind