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ConductExam: All You Need To Know About Our Online Exam Software

  Conduct Exam is robust online examination software which offers impeccable assessment solutions through which Institutes, companies, universities and other organizations can conduct examinations easily.  Our online test portal works on cloud computing architecture through which exams can be accessed 24/7 from Web and Mobile/Tablet. Our solution can be used for conducting different types of assessment such as examination, recruitment, survey, training, certification, etc. ConductExam provides different products & services that would be beneficial for different organizations. Here are the details about our products and services: Web-Based Online Exam Software  ConductExam is one of the most powerful web-based online exam software in the market. This software can be accessed using the web from any part of the world at any point of time.  With this online test software, the administrator of the online examination system has full freedom to create online exams or questions at any po

Top 7 Reasons To Use Online Exam Software

After a covid 19 crisis, so many industries and businesses changed their working process and sift online. In the education industry, you can see lots of changes in school and colleagues.    If you want to sift your education business online where you can grab lots of opportunities to grow your business to the next level. So, use the best solution online exam software. The online exam software is one of the best online assessment solutions for all education systems. One can conduct different types of exams by using this online exam software. Here are Top 7 reasons to use online exam software to make a healthy decision about online exam software. Top 7 Reasons To Use Online Exam Software 1.Scalable  If you conduct an offline exam, you have only a limited place to arrange an exam and also you have too many staff for the setup exam. There are so many things you need to take care of while conducting an offline exam. To reduce your stress or conduct tension-free exams you can use our compute

All You Need To Know About Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are the best way to find a person's abilities, skills, and talent. To recruit a new member for your company aptitude tests are very helpful. These tests are usually designed to evaluate a candidate's knowledge, abilities, skills, communication, etc. Types Of Aptitude Tests To measure a person's skills or abilities, different types of aptitude tests are used. Here are some types of aptitude tests: Numeric Tests Verbal Reasoning Tests Inductive Reasoning Deductive Reasoning Role oriented reasoning Personality tests Logical reasoning STEM aptitude Linguistic Aptitude Artistic aptitude Physical aptitude Through these different types of tests, one can analyze a person's skills and abilities, whether he/she is capable or not! How do Aptitude Tests help In recruitment? Most of the jobs require specific skills for specific posts. For example, If you want to hire an HR executive, you need to check his/her communication skills. If you are searching for a data anal