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How To Create Different Tests Using An Online Examination System?

  An Examination is a part of the student's life. To evaluate the student's progress examination is required. To get success in any competitive exams, they need proper guidance and practice. All the educational institutes are required to adopt new technology such as online examination system to meet the needs of students.  Online examination system provides platforms to create different types of tests like aptitude test , mock test , GK test , objective test , quiz, etc. You can create a real-time test environment that helps students to get overcome with their fear and anxiety. The best online examination system supports all types of examination patterns like Bank, SSC, Railways, UPSC, IIT-JEE, GATE, CTET, JEE, NEET, NDA, SSB, CAT, etc. One can also do the preparation of the exams by using online exam software. First, let's see the importance of coaching institutes in a student's life. Importance Of Coaching Institutes In Student's Life Coaching institutes are resp

The complete guide on Lead Management System

  Every small or big business depends on sales leads. You have to convert leads to loyal customers to grow your business. And for that, you need to manage all the sales lead in an organized manner.  Our experts have spent more than 20+ days doing in-depth research and bringing core details about the lead management system. Shall we start!? So, first, let's start with the lead management system . What is a Lead Management System? Lead management introduces finding, managing, and tracking leads until they complete a purchase. Unlike traditional marketing, lead management requires salespeople to look at potential clients or leads and individually manage them to improve conversion chances.  Define the process of Lead Management! A flourishing and effective lead management process includes the following steps: Step 1: Search Your Leads. For the Lead management process, this step is primary. Firstly you need to find out your potential customers who they are and how to find them! To start

Online Exam Software: Make Online Assessments Better & Safe

Online exam software is part of the e-learning process and is revolutionizing the education system. Advanced technologies and innovations are bringing rapid changes in the educational sector, and through online exam software , the education system is getting better & advanced. Students can enjoy a constant virtual experience to learn new skills through this online exam software. What is Online Exam Software? We are all aware of how the process works in the offline examination. Experienced are hired to monitor the applicants physically and subsequently assigned to their respective centers, where they are responsible for maintaining a cheat-proof, rigorous test-taking environment, and many more. In Online Exam Software, the invigilation process is the same, but it is automated. Remote Proctoring allows a proctor to monitor an ongoing online exam with the feasibility of AI integrated online proctoring software. Online Exam Software: Making Online Assessments Better and Safe You need t

Online Exam Software: Why It Is Necessary?

Online exam software provides a safe and secure platform to conduct online exams. In this digital era, technology is expanding far and wide. The use of technology is increasing day by day globally. Even in terms of education technology has changed the entire education system in 2020.  Online exam software can be very useful in these pandemic situations. All the education institutes such coaching classes, schools, universities, etc can use this software to conduct any test or lectures, courses online & offline. ConductExam is a well-known online exam software that helps to create all different types of exams. Through this web-based online exam software, one can create different types of exams such as prelims, multiple-choice, aptitude tests, even annual exams.  Online exam software has changed all the education systems, this helps you to stand out in recent educational technology trends. Use this online exam software to develop your online education system.  Lot's of thing come