Online Proctoring is the Latest Trends In Education

In the current situation of COVID, Education is undergoing a considerable transformation with emerging technologies as all the educational institutes are considering how they can conduct or schedule examinations safely and securely.

Online proctoring is the complete new system and the latest trends in education. But many students and teachers are unaware of this online proctoring system.

In recent times many institutions have tried online proctoring systems to conduct different types of exams. 

Online examination systems have become an integral component of all educational institutes. Online proctoring systems are the face of the E-learning process. E-learning is a never-ending process. It consists of on-board training and development.

What is Proctoring?

Proctoring is the process of monitoring students or candidates during online classes and examinations. It allows you to keep an eye on candidates during the exams or live courses. 

Why Choose Online Proctoring?

The main reason behind choosing an online proctoring system is that teachers can keep an eye on candidates. This will help them to keep out of any suspicious activities.

Live monitoring is beneficial for the teachers as without monitoring students, they couldn’t control them. This will help you both time while taking online classes or conducting any online examinations.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Online Proctoring?

The online proctoring system is beneficial for all the students/candidates and for organizations. Here are some benefits; let’s look into that:

Benefits for Organizations:

  • It removes administrator burden

  • One can arrange candidates as per their time schedule

  • Exams can run more frequently

  • Admin can do live monitoring

  • It is secure to use

  • Exams can be recorded

  • Eliminate the users whenever they need

  • Exams can be scaled worldwide

Benefits for Candidates:

  • Can conduct exams/classes from anywhere

  • It becomes more flexible for candidates

  • Candidate can choose their sitting

  • Time convincing

  • It is secure to use

  • Candidates can give exams on mobile, computer, tablet.

Factors that affect the growth of online proctoring

Online proctoring system requirement is increasing day-by-day. It covers all areas like training, education, corporate. Computer-based test software has an impact on global education, as it becomes the latest trend in education.

Online proctoring ensures security, integrity, and faster results. The online proctoring method becomes an effective method of an online assessment. It plays a vital role in upgrading images and promoting them. This online proctoring system helps to increase the efficiency of the test.



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