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What are pros & cons of online examination software?

 Nowadays all things going to be online and the most trending topic of 2020-21 is an online examination. The online examination system is the latest trend to selecting a person in the educational and employment sectors. Conventional examing is a time-consuming process that is replaced by online examination. This is a new technique to conduct exams through the internet. The online computer-based test software is so some way to effectively automating the conduct exams. Online exam software streamlines the handling of applications through application online forms, online communication payment entree, SMS/email notifications, e-hall passes, support for online payment, and additional. it allows all things like the filling, processing, and submission of applications at any time and anywhere. It offers pre-examination services classification and registration of institutions. Pros of online exam software! f or distance education, safer choice In order To beat circumstances like this, online a