How Online Examination System Can Increase Your Profit?

In this digital era, technology is expanding day-by-day. The old examination process is transforming and diverting into an online education system.   Old traditional examination system involved maintenance, workforce, and management. It is also time-consuming, logistics cost, and lengthy process. Now technology has changed. The latest technology reduces manpower and it is a cost-effective solution.   An online examination system is an advanced tool that makes your online assessment process very easy and smooth. Our online examination system is a cost-effective solution.     So, now let’s check out the points that how online examination system helps you to generate revenue: Printing & Paper Cost Conducting different types of tests manually can require question papers, answer sheets, exam centres, hall tickets, registration for different students, and many other things that cost too high.   By using an online examination system , reduces all the above costs and provides a detailed o

A Complete Guide to Online Proctoring Software

  As per the current global health crisis most of the companies and colleges are forced to go for remote proctoring and online assessment. Proctoring online exam software is the best solution for conducting different online exams, online training, online recruitment, distance learning and many more. Online proctoring software has become the latest technology trends in the education system. It is beneficial for different educational institutes and other organizations. In this blog, I am going to cover all the basic information about online proctoring that will give you basic ideas that you will need to know about online proctoring exams .  Shall I start!? Okay, so let’s begin with a very common question. What Is Online Proctoring or Remote Proctoring? Online proctored exams are online tests that anyone gives while a remote proctor or proctoring software observes you and your computer using your desktop, webcam video, and audio. Online proctoring involves a proctor who observes the tes

ConductExam: All You Need To Know About Our Online Exam Software

  Conduct Exam is robust online examination software which offers impeccable assessment solutions through which Institutes, companies, universities and other organizations can conduct examinations easily.  Our online test portal works on cloud computing architecture through which exams can be accessed 24/7 from Web and Mobile/Tablet. Our solution can be used for conducting different types of assessment such as examination, recruitment, survey, training, certification, etc. ConductExam provides different products & services that would be beneficial for different organizations. Here are the details about our products and services: Web-Based Online Exam Software  ConductExam is one of the most powerful web-based online exam software in the market. This software can be accessed using the web from any part of the world at any point of time.  With this online test software, the administrator of the online examination system has full freedom to create online exams or questions at any po