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Online Exam System with Web Application System

Earlier it was hassle and time taking process with limited to a certain extent which has been rectified with the swag of tech. Students have to gather at one please with the limited slot along with the numbers of examiners to escort the papers and then it takes months and months to get the result published. As the assessment is done manually, more often answer papers get misplaced or missed out which was another issue to be corrected. Software development has reached its peak that these drawbacks that have been pulled down to the one place and has been modified in the favor of both the examiner and the student.  Language of Creating E- Exam  Computer language like C++, PHP, Java, SQL are few on the list for the computer geek who spent ample amount of time on coding on these programs based on the requirement for the examination criteria. Now to do this requires a lot of attention and hard for the computer expert as the outcome should be of a high-security level for the datab