The complete guide on Lead Management System

 Every small or big business depends on sales leads. You have to convert leads to loyal customers to grow your business. And for that, you need to manage all the sales lead in an organized manner. 

Our experts have spent more than 20+ days doing in-depth research and bringing core details about the lead management system.

Shall we start!?

So, first, let's start with the lead management system.

What is a Lead Management System?

Lead management introduces finding, managing, and tracking leads until they complete a purchase. Unlike traditional marketing, lead management requires salespeople to look at potential clients or leads and individually manage them to improve conversion chances. 

Define the process of Lead Management!

A flourishing and effective lead management process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Search Your Leads.

For the Lead management process, this step is primary. Firstly you need to find out your potential customers who they are and how to find them!

To start the lead management process, you need to identify your buyer types. Make a clear graph in your mind, such as your buyer location, demography, and different sources. Based on that, build up your customer's needs and wants and everything they wish to interact with your brand.

Step 2: Get & Track Your Leads

The Lead generation process is vital for you and your business growth. Buying, getting more leads, and converting them into your customer is the necessary part of your business. 

With robust lead management software, one can easily track lead information. The lead management system can also track the source, visit, clicked, download, etc.

These valuable invasions around leads' behaviors allow sellers to understand their intent and personalize sales efforts.

Step 3: Nourish Your Leads

Once you've found and obtained your leads, it's time to figure out which ones to nourish. You can complete this step by tracking the leads that score higher and finding out what else they need to convert. 

Getting leads are not the only benefits you need to convert them to grow your business. The lead management system shows you all the details of leads to grab that customer for your products and successfully convert those leads.

Step 4: Transfer Your Leads to the Sales Team

Once you get all the lead details, you can share that with your sales team. Give all the information to your sales team members so that they can convert that leads. Your salespersons can have the perfect solution for your customer's needs.

Once the sales rep gets the lead, they can see it in the form of an automatic lead profile. Then they can get a better understanding of the lead and contact them right away.

Step 5: Evaluate Lead Generation Process

No process is complete without analysis. Your whole lead management process should be under constant stakeholder analysis to identify possible bottlenecks & find best ways to convert leads. Do proper research and keep up with your conversion rates and search out what you’re doing right. 

Benefits of using a lead management system

  • Real-time reporting

  • Get Quality leads

  • Improve productivity

  • Improve ROI

  • Effective lead management

  • Quick response time

  • Engage with your loyal customers

  • Measure the results

The Best Lead Management System By ConductExam

Boost your sales efforts by using the ConductExam lead management system.  This lead management software allows you to configure your essential business data like contacts, leads, customers, and suppliers. Keep all this information in one software, which will help you communicate and organize your business strategy more effectively.

Check out some of the features you get with ConductExam:

  • Lead tracking

  • Automatic & manual lead assignment

  • Marketing-activity tracking

  • Detailed lead profiles

  • Great reports and dashboards

  • Sales forecasting

  • Contact and company insight

  • 14 days of a free trial

Wrap Up

Proper lead management is core to the success of your channel. You can keep your channel healthy and efficient by properly scoring your leads, communicating with your sales team, and applying your learnings to enhance your lead management process.

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