Online Exam System with Web Application System

Earlier it was hassle and time taking process with limited to a certain extent which has been rectified with the swag of tech. Students have to gather at one please with the limited slot along with the numbers of examiners to escort the papers and then it takes months and months to get the result published. As the assessment is done manually, more often answer papers get misplaced or missed out which was another issue to be corrected. Software development has reached its peak that these drawbacks that have been pulled down to the one place and has been modified in the favor of both the examiner and the student. 
online exam system

Language of Creating E- Exam 

Computer language like C++, PHP, Java, SQL are few on the list for the computer geek who spent ample amount of time on coding on these programs based on the requirement for the examination criteria. Now to do this requires a lot of attention and hard for the computer expert as the outcome should be of a high-security level for the database and the time allotment flexibility and some other pointers to work on. Taking the questions in the Cybernet is like opening the gate for security breach which is one of the top things to ponder over. 

System Of Intelligent Evaluation using Test for Tele - education (SIETTE) 

The time taken issue has shrinked to null with the submitting answer paper made it as easy as single right-click away. But then again since it was new, it has shown some other factors where it was lagging like resumption capability, multi-in structure, and random question choice distributions. 

Examination Management System ( EMS) 

EMS has added the option of multi-instructors but yet it still missed the resumption blockage along with a random choice of questions and distribution. It has brought the revolution in e - examination format. 

Computer Based Test System (CBTS) 

Although EMS has upgraded most of the options which weren't available in SIETTE but still it has left untouched the major issues of resumption capability. The Computer Based test system has taken the online test system into another dimension. CBTS branches out of e - exams which have foreseen these drawbacks and sophisticatedly overcome these concerns. 

CBTS is being adopted presently by many organization and institutions to conduct safe, secure and most importantly less time taking examinations. 


The biggest challenges that any educational institutions face today is malpractice which harms the system of imparting education to the students. One of the main concern comes with the online test system is breaching of the security. A new way of examination has lifted its veil of burden and hassle-free but the security concerns are still lurking as the question papers are made available on the air.


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