ConductExam: All You Need To Know About Our Online Exam Software

 Conduct Exam is robust online examination software which offers impeccable assessment solutions through which Institutes, companies, universities and other organizations can conduct examinations easily. 

Our online test portal works on cloud computing architecture through which exams can be accessed 24/7 from Web and Mobile/Tablet. Our solution can be used for conducting different types of assessment such as examination, recruitment, survey, training, certification, etc.

ConductExam provides different products & services that would be beneficial for different organizations. Here are the details about our products and services:

  1. Web-Based Online Exam Software 

ConductExam is one of the most powerful web-based online exam software in the market. This software can be accessed using the web from any part of the world at any point of time. 

With this online test software, the administrator of the online examination system has full freedom to create online exams or questions at any point in time. This online test or questions can be shared among all users of the system. 

The user also has the flexibility to give the test at any time and from anywhere as per the suitability. 

Features Of Our Web-based Online Exam Software

  • The completely secured platform which offers easy to create, share & analyze the test 

  • Assign date, time in test and result is generated automatically after completion of a test 

  • Synchronization of test on web and mobile/tablet hosted on cloud servers 

  • Support third-party integrations and a large number of concurrent users 

  • Flexible pricing & customization available as per requirement software’s covered under it 

  1. Mobile/Tablet Based Online Exam Application 

Our mobile/tablet-based online exam app allows students to practice exams using their mobile phones. One can synchronize the web-based program with exam apps using mobile or tablet and operate it from any place at any point in time. 

The application is compatible with devices like android, iPhone and tablet. Candidates can give the test from their mobile/tablet at any time. 

All the records of completed exams and upcoming exams are there on the cloud and can be accessed by the individual anytime. 

Features Of Our Mobile/Tablet based online exam app

  • Easy to create, share and analyze the test 

  • The result is generated automatically after completion of a test 

  • Available for both Android and iOS devices 

  • Synchronization of test on web and Mobile/Tablet hosted on cloud servers 

  • Share news and notifications with the users

  1. Computer-Based Offline Test Software

Our computer-based offline test software is designed for the educational institutes, coaching classes and corporate sectors where a large number of students/employees can give tests without internet connectivity. 

The Computer Based Offline Test Software is best useful for the coaching institutes providing training for competitive exams like IIT, NEET, JEE, AIIMS PMT, GATE, CAT, MAT etc. 

Features Of Computer-based Offline Test Software

  • Allows users to practice unlimited tests 

  • Students can take tests without being connected to the internet 

  • Timed and untimed tests available 

  • Users get detailed graphical reporting as well as a comparative analysis 

  • Supports multiple languages

  1. Centre Based Test (CBT) 

Conduct a mock exam before the real exam in order to help the students to get more familiar with the real exam. Our centre-based test software covers the entire gamut of services ranging from student registration, admit card generation, centre slot booking to the publication of the final result. 

It helps the institutions to simplify the admission process also. The institutes need to just appoint an Administrator to render the Offline Exam Software services. The institutions can manage their own question banks and exams. 

Features Of Our Centre Based Test Software

  • Online selection of centre, date and time slot as per user convenience 

  • Let’s your students attempt a mock test before the real examination 

  • The test can be conducted with or without internet connectivity 

  • A cost-effective, secure and safe platform 

  • Offers a real-time exam environment to the students to help them get familiar with the feel of a real exam like IIT JEE, AIIMS PMT, GATE, CAT, IBPS PO, etc.

  1. CD/USB Based Test 

Each USB is licensed for each system and internet connectivity is not required to take the online test/watch videos/study documents which help the students to practice more.

One can also sell videos, study materials and tests in the encrypted format and limit the number of times access to it for the users by using our CD/USB based test software. 

Features Of CD/USB Based Test

  • Secure and user-friendly 

  • Upload study material, videos and tests and sell it to the users 

  • Users can access the pen drive without even connecting to the internet 

  • Results analysis for the test 

  • Available with your branding

  1. Fees Management System 

Fees Management System enables academic Institutions, educational Institutes, management schools, training centres, coaching institutes and other organizations to do hassle-free and paperless work which in turns eliminate the manual work of about 90%. 

It also provides the option of tracking the details of the users who have submitted the fees and have got the receipts which help in knowing the amount paid by them i.e. partial fees payment/full fees payment. 

Reports are available for students who have paid and not paid fees as per month-wise, etc. The platform can also be integrated with an online payment gateway. It supports Paytm, PayU, PayU money, CC avenue, Instamojo, Stripe and Paypal. 

Features Of Our Fees Management System

  • The cloud-based solution can be accessed & managed from any location

  • SMS/Email gateway integration & student database management

  • Online payment gateway integration for online fees collection 

  • Define the fees structure as per course and batches 

  • Create roles and assign responsibilities

  1. Question Paper Generator Software 

Question paper generator generates questions in just minutes. The system allows adding complexity of question-level using a multitude question like single choice, multiple-choice(MCQ), true-false, fill in the blanks, match the following, matrix match, descriptive question. The system generates module wise question papers. 

One can set marks on question wise, module wise, module to module also the functionality of without displaying marks on the question paper. The option of exporting question paper to word and pdf format. 

Features Of Our Question Paper Generator Software

  • Support multiple types of question papers and also generate individual language-wise question paper 

  • Generate multiple copies at a time with set wise like A, B... (Numeric, Alphabetic, Roman) and with the custom format too. 

  • Question and option shuffle functionality 

  • Generate subjective and objective question wise question paper and also generates a combination of both type 

  • Assign question wise marks, module wise and the option of display or hide it on the question paper 

  • Generate multiple instructions for different types of test categories

  1. Bulk Cheque Printing Software 

It is a window based, menu-driven, user-friendly bulk cheque printing software that provides facility to print any bank cheque & manage bank issued cheques register data properly at one place. 

It can print single and multiple cheques of any bank at a time with accuracy. One can change printing font, size, style, move the layout and each field of a cheque as per printer setup. 

Users can review and find all the issued cheques at any time with different criteria like date, cheque books account and payee & more. It can print payee name, date, amount, "a/c payee only" and signature details. 

Features Of Our Bulk Cheques Printing Software

  • Unlimited cheque printing, bank accounts and company creation 

  • Bulk cheque printing, party-wise report, ready cheque templates, Import Payee, Import cheque printing, bank-wise report 

  • Cheque book-wise report, stop payment letter, cheque book request letter 

  • Free 1 year version upgrade 

  • Free 1 year premium support

  1. Sales CRM Software

A web-based CRM software to manage leads, automate and increase sales and manage customer services on a single platform. Our Sales CRM software helps to build strong customer engagement and boost company sales. 

The software records and monitors each & every activity of a sales team and guides the sales target. The sales team can identify new opportunities, close more business, and create life-long relationships with customers. Reports available like Comparison Report, Sales Report, Employee Report, etc.

Features Of Our Sales CRM Software

  • Easy to use, cost-effective and mobile device compatible 

  • Manage customer contacts, record sales and manage deals 

  • Cloud-based solution – Can be accessed & managed from any location 

  • Assign and track the status of lead and generate more business opportunities 

  • Add tasks & reminders to manage leads and filter leads as per the name, number, location, etc.

  1.  Lead Management System

ConductExam provides the best lead management system to manage your all generated leads easily.

One can get all the lead information, manage leads. It allows your business sales team to work faster. This software is more efficient to grow your business and it saves your time and energy.

Features of the Lead Management System

  • It stores all the lead information

  • It gives lead reporting and detailed reports

  • One can able to work on offline mode

  • It improves the communication of sales staff

  • One can plan different future activities to convert that leads to sales.

  1. Online Computer-based Test Software


Our online computer-based test software is secure to use. One can conduct different tests by using computer-based test software. 

ConductExam automates the whole online assessment process for educational institutes, schools, colleges, universities, employers. One can conduct different types of tests like mock tests, objective tests, aptitude tests, and many more. 

Features of Our Online Computer-based Test Software

  • Compatible with different web browsers like Chrome 8+, Firefox 3.0+, Opera 10+

  • Internet Explorer 8+ send emails/notifications 

  • Share news/documents/videos on web

  • Mobile and Tablet download the available documents & videos 

  • Private & 24/7 accessible result graded

  • Fully automatic & highly secure

To get a free demo of our online exam software contact us today. You can contact us via email (, Call us on - 9999674199, Or through live chat.


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