A Complete Guide to Online Proctoring Software

 As per the current global health crisis most of the companies and colleges are forced to go for remote proctoring and online assessment. Proctoring online exam software is the best solution for conducting different online exams, online training, online recruitment, distance learning and many more.

Online proctoring software has become the latest technology trends in the education system. It is beneficial for different educational institutes and other organizations.

In this blog, I am going to cover all the basic information about online proctoring that will give you basic ideas that you will need to know about online proctoring exams

Shall I start!?

Okay, so let’s begin with a very common question.

What Is Online Proctoring or Remote Proctoring?

Online proctored exams are online tests that anyone gives while a remote proctor or proctoring software observes you and your computer using your desktop, webcam video, and audio.

Online proctoring involves a proctor who observes the test take and confirms his/her identity, and it also prevents cheating. Online proctoring is secure to use and it is also a viable alternative on-site testing.

Remote proctoring software enables candidates to write tests online in a remote location and maintain the integrity of the test. This confirms their identity and monitor through live video.

What Is Online Exam Proctoring?

With the help of online exam proctoring candidates or students are monitored online during tests.

To conduct an online proctored tests from remote location you need below things:

  • A device (PC/Tablet/Mobile)

  • Internet connection

  • Webcam

  • Supportable browser

What Are The Types Of Proctoring?

There are mainly three types of proctoring. 

  1. Live Online Proctoring: Proctor monitors students, video or audio, and shares their feeds in real-time with live online proctoring.


  1. Record Proctoring: No proctor monitors the feed in real time. In this method audio/video and screen share feeds of the test candidates recorded during the tests.


  1. Advance Proctoring: In advance proctoring proctor can monitor students audio/video and can share feeds. But in advance proctoring proctor can feed students with any suspicious activity using audio and video analytics.

The Factors Drive The Growth Of Online Proctoring


Here some key factors are driving the growth of online proctoring: 

  • Reduce the cost of proctored assessment centers

  • It save time & money

  • Demand due to growth of e-learning

  • Increase focus on work & learning assessment

  • Computers labs are not enough 

Who Can Use Online Proctoring?

  • Online educational providers like schools, universities, colleges

  • Assessment providers

  • Other Organizations for recruitment or certification

Is It Possible To Conduct A Proctored Exam Through Mobile Device?

Yes, anyone can conduct different tests or proctored exams through a mobile device. ConductExam is the best online proctoring online exam software and provides both android app and IoS app to conduct exams.


Wrap Up


Online proctoring exams helps detect any suspicious activities of candidates or students during the exam time. 


Many candidates will rather fall in line than try to do all this, but proctor software detects it and it involves well trained & experienced to detect hints of malpractice like candidate movement and their body language.


Online proctoring includes students to record videos and test machine setup. This system becomes more and more intelligent and makes it difficult to cheat.






  1. Data is secured as it is end to end encrypted.
    Cheating is prevented through secure browser, screen and video monitoring of student.
    Online Proctoring Solutions are very effective.


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