Top 10 Tips To Make Your Online Teaching Better

 Well, According to the past & current situations most of the schools and universities are announcing to conduct online classes. Online education is the safest thing in this current situation for everyone. 

Almost all teachers are working hard to take all the lessons online. They are spending their time & efforts to design different online courses for students.

Right now we need simple formula, here are a simple tips to make your online teaching better:

  • Create Engaging Activities

Engaging activities make students connected more interestingly. This will help you to increase the quality of learning automatically. One can use online exam software to create an interesting quiz or tests. Teachers can also use various resources like videos, images, graphs, etc. Create different types of quiz or tests that engage students and make an effective learning process.

  • Record Your Lecture - Don’t stream them

If some students are not well and if they have issues with internet access, they will miss your lecture. But if you record your whole lecture you can send them that recording so they can easily watch the letter and learn it from that video.

  • Be present in Video

When you are creating any video based on any lecture, be present. Your presence would create a good impact on students. Students will seriously learn that. Teachers' presence helps students to get more engaged compared to voice audio.

  • Ask Students to lead the discussion

This will add the most value in your online lecture. If you ask your students every time they will start involving in it and be a continuous presence in your lecture. Another thing you can plan to give students every week is to participate as a lecturer. They will prepare themselves for that and that will improve their learning skills.

  • Keep all the video short and interesting

If you create your lecture video more than 15min it will create an issue while downloading and long video will be boring for the students. No one likes to be stuck at the same place for a long time. So, if you create a short video and some interesting things students will love to watch it everytime and they will wait for your other lecture as you are creating the videos based on their interest.

  • Be precise

Teachers need to provide precise instructions. If you are giving more than to resources students need to know which is the first thing they need to do. So, always provide precise instructions so students can follow them.

  • Don’t Repeat the Same things Every Time

Do create something new every time. If you are creating the same lecture with the same process students will get bored easily. They will not find any interesting things in your lecture. So, this will have a negative impact on them. It is advisable to plan different things for different online sessions.

  • Use Ready-made resources

It’s not possible everytime to create different resources. If as a teacher you are able to do that would be a great thing. But in case if you are not able to do it then you can get ready-made resources from Google. Get the different videos, PPT, images that will help students to learn easily.

  • Use auto-attendance checking systems

As a teacher you can tell all the students that their attendance would be measured by attending tests or quizzes. As manually you won’t get time to check their presence. So, use automatic checking & grading features on your learning management software. Online exam software is also helpful here as it provides this feature.

  • Remain Responsive

While attending online lectures if any students have any doubts on that particular topic or subject make sure they can ask you at the same time. You need to respond to them immediately. So, that will help students to clear their doubts.


With these situations and as per immediate requirements teachers need to switch to an online examination system. This will help them to explore and evolve new possibilities of online learning.


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