Fully customizable online examination portal for coaching organization

Online Exam Software For Organization

Now you could get your online exam software and own white labelled app for coaching institute. It helps to organize all academic works of a coaching center, keep parents notified, save time for both teacher and students and much more from a single software. The most important feature that we seek in the online exam software system is the customer support, flexibility, easy access etc. 

The Business Challenge

Assessing errors in the answer sheet and collect answer paper manually resulted in the delay in results and often impact the overall system and the scope of improvement of the students. 

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You are finding a struggle to assemble an IT team to develop online exam software for your coaching center. 

Your students need progressively more online practice tests to evade exam fear but you are still caught in offline mode. 

You are not pleased with the quality of your existing online exam software otherwise getting poor afterwards sales support.

The Solution

For coaching institutes, they offer reasonable online exam services. So all small institutes could come in the online world as well as to conduct a practice test online. They understand the student necessities and circumstances, so they design a full comprehensible exam atmosphere where your students could easily attend all exam without any uncertainty. 

The software is helpful for those coaching center that wants to run model tests for SSC/HSC exam and Recruitment Test.

Question Paper Generator to Generate a question paper easily with only 3 steps.  

What Makes Conduct Exam Software a Correct Choice? 

Without the use of the pen and paper, the coaching center could conduct an offline test. The students also could download assessment exam and upload the answer after finishing the test and check result and performance of the students. 

The software also has online based test. The coaching center could take real-time model test anywhere and anytime. This ensures ongoing study and exam. There is a notification system for students regarding exam results. There also have a detailed analysis of the performance. 

Key Learnings 

All coaching centers can choose online exam software and get long-lasting advantages in their evaluation procedure. 

Accessibility as well as Flexibility: 

You could make questions for many subjects plus courses efficiently and fast by online examination software. Also, the teacher could make an offline test. The student could download and save the test on their pc. And take exams at a convenient time. The tests could be configured 24/7. The software also makes the exam stress free for mentors to assess answer script simply and by greater suppleness 

Time Management: 

Online based examination system help mentors and students avoid the time-consuming process of the traditional examination. Mentors could make assessment paper in less time and students could register online and conduct test without burdensome formalities of traditional exam. Also, they get results very fast. 

Cost Saving: 

There are signification cost-cutting on paper in the online exam. This is a smart decision to switch to the paperless online exam as the administration is reduced significantly. 

Easy Integration as well as Configured through Your Applications 

Many educational institutes, organization, training center and coaching center use a learning management system software for teaching course to students or for any other testing. The software should be compatible with Information management System and LMS or Learning Management system. The new exam software should be integrated and configured flawlessly with IMS or LMS. 

The online test software system should also permit custom branding or white labelling, letting you configure your landing page by your business logo. 


Coaching center or private institute take the regular model test for assessing the knowledge of the student and they prepare the student for the exam. Online examination software proves a blessing to them as they could easily conduct regular examinations and get prompt results. They could thus easily grade the students. As well as even arrange extra classes for the challenged students. Nowadays, the benefits of the online examination system are getting proved day after day. Owing to this, almost all educational institutes of any form are accepting it slowly and progressively. Shortly, we must see this as the exclusive style of examination. If the coaching center does not have online exam software they will be far behind than the institute that has online exam system. 


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