Online Exam Software: Why It Is Necessary?

Online exam software provides a safe and secure platform to conduct online exams. In this digital era, technology is expanding far and wide. The use of technology is increasing day by day globally. Even in terms of education technology has changed the entire education system in 2020. 

Online exam software can be very useful in these pandemic situations. All the education institutes such coaching classes, schools, universities, etc can use this software to conduct any test or lectures, courses online & offline.

ConductExam is a well-known online exam software that helps to create all different types of exams. Through this web-based online exam software one can create different types of exams such as prelims, multiple-choice, aptitude test, even annual exam. 

Online exam software has changed all the education systems, this helps you to stand out in recent educational technology trends. Use this online exam software to develop your online education system. 

Lot's of thing come in mind, Is it really necessary to use online examination software? If YES, then the main question is why to use online exam software!? So let's take a deep dive into the details:

1) Safe and Secure- Online exam software is a highly secure platform. It provides a safe and secure examination process. Once the questions are uploaded on the system it shuffles & it randomly distributes it to the candidates. Using this online exam software there are less chances of cheatings.

2) Save Time- Time is the most important thing. Fully automated software helps you to save your time. Conduct a paper-based examination through online exam software. If you are doing it manually, you have to go through the various processes like distributing the question papers to various examination centers, hiring investigators as well as delivering answer sheets and all of this to be done on an assigned timeline. 

3) Accuracy- There is no doubt the accuracy and the instant result given by an Online Examination system is far better compared to manual correction, and as the results are calculated manually there are less chances of human errors. It also gives you instant results.

4) Cost-Effective- If you’re conducting your exams in different locations then trust me an Online exam software is beneficial. As the entire examination process is automated, eliminating the process of hiring investigators as well as delivering the question paper and collecting back the answer sheets all this process is done at a low cost. 

5) Remote Supervision- Exams will be conducted wherever it’s preferable that eliminates the process of hiring investigators, but still the faculty will keep an eye on them through remote supervision like a surveillance camera and microphones. This software also gives live monitoring festility.

Benefits of using an online examination software

  1. A better option for distance learning

  2. Hassle-free assessments

  3. Arouses student interest

  4. Security

  5. Environment-friendly and cost-effective solution

  6. Instant evaluation for faster results

  7. Exhaustive reports to identify gaps and work for the improvement

  8. Automatic data backup to minimize downtime and improve efficiency

  9. Greater accuracy

  10. Smart Proctoring


With the use of a free online exam software, there is an upgrowth in the candidate’s education as well as in the education system. You give you instant analysis of a particular student that you can monitor. Inshort, Online exam software has made education easier than ever. To get a FREE demo of online exam software kindly contact us any-time.

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